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Tel Aviv | Israel

No Trains and Buses on Shabbat!

Note that on Shabbat (starts Friday 16:18 ends Saturday 17:19) there is no public transportation - trains and buses. They usually end one hour before Shabbat starts.

Yellow cabs run inside Tel Aviv for 6 NIS per ride, and regular taxis as well. As mentioned below, biking in Tel Aviv is the easier way to travel.

From the Airport to Tel Aviv

The best way is to take the train that goes straight from the airport, and has three stops in Tel Aviv: South, Centre-North, and University (North).

The train leaves every hour during the night, and every half hour during the day. The exact time changes, so it's better to check before leaving the house.

Cost: 13.5 NIS

Israel Rail Website

Inside Tel Aviv

The bus company controlling the city is DAN, but there are other companies you can take.

Cost: 5.90 NIS

In case you're planning on having more than 5 trips on buses (within the city or in the centre of Israel), purchase a RAV KAV ticket from the driver (5 NIS). You can top up 30, 50 and 70 NIS on the Rav Kav, and get 25% extra. Topping up 30 NIS means you get 37.5, and 5.90 X 6 rides is 35.4.


DAN Website

You would find using BICYCLE is the easiest way to get to places inside the city. There are city bike you can rent called Tel-O-Fun, with bike stations everywhere.

Renting is between 17-23 NIS for 24 hours, for rides of up to 30 mins each. You have to wait 10 mins between every ride, but Tel Aviv is not too big, so everywhere is 30 mins away.

Tel-O-Fun Website

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