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TLV Autumn Hop

Tel Aviv | Israel

Vincenzo & Moe

Vincenzo Fesi is a worldwide recognised dancer, teacher and choreographer. As a real globetrotter, he teaches and perform at the most prestigious swing dance events around the world. Melbourne, Paris, Stockholm, Seoul and London are just some of the cities where he is invited as a guest every other weekend. Inspired by the incomparable Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Frankie Manning Vincenzo Fesi dances the Lindy Hop, the Balboa, the tap dance and many other jazz styles. With his dark eyes and skin and his contagious smile, Vincenzo looks like a 1940’s movie star and brings enthusiasm on stage all over the world.

Moe Sakan has had professional training in many types of dance. In 1999 Moe fell in love with the Lindy Hop, since then this has been her dance of choice. A pearl of the Orient, Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became the UK’s top female swing dancer. An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won several UK and US competition titles. Moe travels the world extensively both for social dancing and teaching Lindy Hop. She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and film.

Dom & Nora

Dom & Nora tried a lot of dances and sports since they could walk – when finally Lindy Hop found them. As for both of them movement, improvisation, fun and challenges are very important, there was no stop anymore and the dance took over their daily life.

Today they are passionate Lindy Hop dancers, instructors and performers. They continuously travel to teach and to dance around Europe. They competed at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2017 & 2016, European Swing Dance Championships in 2013 and are regularly in Finals of Strictly Lindy Hop competitions at international swing dance festivals.

In 2014 they founded their own swing dance school SwingAUT in Vienna, Austria. Since then they share their love for Lindy Hop and Swing in Austria and in Europe.

They love Swing Outs, fast Swing Outs! As they dance together already for several years, they know a lot about strong partnership and having a good connection to your partner. They love to dance dynamic and keeping the energy and the flow with your partner and the music.

Ron & Sharon

Ron and Sharon's fun and challenging classes aim to create new insights in your dancing. Their classes will provide you with new ways to create harmonic, musical and inspiring dances. The ability to simplify complicated concepts through a clear class buildup will provide students with practical ways for improvement. Ron & Sharon create a solid understanding and fast implementation of the material and inspire you with new ideas for further exploration, delivered in a fun and energetic atmosphere.
As a certified fitness trainer and a rich background in martial arts and other dances, Ron has a deep insight about efficient usage of the body, which helps dancers to create a better movement in the dance, with insights about taking care of the body and preventing injuries. Sharon, a saxophonist from an early age, also strives to teach her students to feel the music while dancing, and constantly seeks to give personal feedback and to help students individually.

Ron and Sharon teach regularly in Europe and also teach locally at Swing It - Swing Dancing School, all over Israel.

Jered & Susana

18+ years as an Instructor, Performer and Competition Judge in the wonderful world of Blues, Swing and other dances, Jered’s aim has always remained the same — to inspire through challenges. His intense joy of dancing is contagious in the classroom and on dance floor, leading to international festivals, theatre stages, and numerous TV appearances.

He’s noted for his extensive study of the history and culture behind the dances - take a sneak-peek at some Blues background, or pick up some new hot dance tunes, in his blog at

With these tools and background, Jered's classes shares with students how to create something impressive and – even more so – self-expressive in the rich spirit of the dance!

When Susana is not sleeping, she is dancing! She currently travels all over the world teaching, competing, and tracing the evolution of dance to expand her own repertoire. When not on the road, she can be found teaching in her home scene at Toulouse's most popular Blues and Swing school, Studio Hop. Dance has always been a part of Susana's life. From childhood she learned to love all kind of music, and after starting Argentinian Tango in 2003, she quickly discovered Lindy, Blues and Balboa - now she finds her happiness in sharing these dances that talk so much to her body and heart!

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